IO Connect allows you to bring multiple data sources together, including Skyfii’s leading guest Wi-Fi solution, enriching your visitor data and creating a centralised view of your customer.

Unify your data and experience richer visitor insights

Spend more time analysing and less time managing multiple data-sets

Consolidate your customer data into one platform

IO Connect brings together all your visitor data into one platform. From WiFi to foot counters, CCTV, web, social, point of sale and more, IO helps you consolidate your visitor data.

Correlate multiple data sources

Build a broader understanding of your customer and visitor behaviour by correlating multiple data sources. Connect your point-of-sale to improve how you analyse ROI, connect foot counters to sharpen your traffic measurement, and link in your CRM to improve visitor segmentation and improve your marketing capabilities.

Connect IO to your Wi-Fi registration data

Connect IO to your Wi-Fi data to enrich your visitor data and start analysing and comparing visitors based on profile and preference. Understand how visitor behaviour differs based on gender, age, location, and shopper preference.

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Learn how IO Connect can improve the way you manage and correlate multiple data-sets.

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