IO Insight is the reporting and intelligence component of Skyfii IO. Helping you understand and visualise your visitor behaviour, empowering you with an ability to measure key aspects of the performance of your venues.

Data-driven insights, informed business decisions

Discover more about how your visitors interact with your organisation and the world around them.

Powerful insights

IO Insights represents the new standard in venue analytics, delivering compelling visitor insights within an intuitive, configurable cloud-based reporting dashboard, filled with a range of reports designed to empower data-driven decisions within both marketing and operations teams.

Intelligent visitor analytics

Go far deeper than traffic counting and experience compelling insights capable of transforming every aspect of your business. Analyse unique visitor flows, compare the behaviours of different customer segments, optimise your conversion pipeline & derive shopping preferences based on how visitors interact with your venue.

report highlighting dwell time and location

Online to offline attribution

IO Insights helps you evaluate the impact of digital channels on physical activity in your venue by correlating visitor traffic data to sources like point-of-sale and website activity. Connect the dots between your digital campaigns and venue traffic to improve how you measure campaign ROI.

New Feature – Social Dashboard

Visualise your social media data in a comprehensive dashboard, defining best practise through a clear understanding of the success of your campaigns. More importantly, see the impact your online sentiment has with your in-store visitation – connecting your online impacts to real-world results.

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social dashboard on laptop

Management & collaboration tools

IO Insights ensures your data is in the hands of key stakeholders and secure from unauthorised access through some of the most powerful collaboration and user/role access settings available. Experience more efficient decision-making through scheduled reports, automatically delivering key insights and impacting every part of your business.

Essential reports for marketing & operation teams

Foot traffic

Measure unique visitor counts and identify your peak visitor times

Smart Zones

Use geo-fencing technology to define areas of interest for analysis

Visitor flow

Visualise the most travelled paths and popular destinations in your venue

Wi-Fi Activity

Measure sessions and analyse which sites customers visit using Wi-Fi


Analyse the conversion funnel for your venue, from passerby to till


View visitor movement in real-time on your venue map

Dwell Time

Understand how customers spend their time and engage with your venue


Segment visitor activity and traffic to analyse the impact of marketing campaigns

How it works

Learn how IO Insights helps customer improve the way they measure the performance of their venues through this quick animation.

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