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Skyfii’s IO platform provides data analytics & marketing tools with 3 integrated products:

Skyfii IO Connect

Connect your Guest WiFi and customer data sources

IO Connect brings together all your visitor data into one platform, creating powerful visitor analytics. From WiFi and foot counters, to CCTV, web, social, point of sale and more. IO Connect helps you consolidate and correlate multiple data sources to build a deeper understanding of your customers – maximising every engagement.

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Generate powerful venue, location and customer analytics

IO Insight helps you expand your view on customer behaviour with precise, real time visitor analytics’ reports that help you unlock meaningful insights and make informed business decisions. Experience the new standard in venue performance reporting and KPI’s.

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Data-driven marketing campaigns

IO Engage is an omni-channel, data-driven marketing platform that uses rich behavioural insights to deliver more targeted and personalised campaigns. These campaigns are then attributed to in-venue behaviour using Skyfii’s real-time visitor analytics for proven ROI.

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Every year we collect, aggregate and analyse hundreds of millions of visitor experiences for some of the busiest and best known venues in the world.