A solution for Airports


Gain a complete view of your passengers from the moment they park until they board their flight so you can improve passenger experience and airport operations.

Improve curb to gate times

Visualize the path passengers take to get to their gate, how long they wait and where, and identify bottlenecks.
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Optimize parking

Understand and predict which parking zones are most utilized based on airline or terminal schedule. This allows you to make parking more efficient and reduce curb to gate time.

Manage crowds

Data can help predict congestion and traffic flow in instances of emergencies or incidents. Be proactive to ensure clear pathways and signage in high risk areas.
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Monitor and display queue, wait, and servicing times

Track queue times at security, customs, and gate arrivals. Measure the time for passengers to be screened in each lane or served at each desk. Direct passengers to fastest checkpoints, rideshares, and taxi ranks using digital screens.

Optimize gate schedules

Optimize gate schedules and gate changes based on predicted pedestrian journey times and congestion.
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Enhance passenger experience KPIs

Gauge passenger satisfaction via survey deployed on guest WiFi, mobile app, SMS, or email and use the data to improve passenger experience.

Improve retail experiences

Collect passenger profile information via WiFi to create unique passenger segments. Use this data to deliver targeted retail offers and promote amenities and services via WiFi, SMS, mobile apps, and email.

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Better plan asset placement

Understand the optimal utilization and locations for assets like information screens and kiosks, e-passport and biometric scanners, common use equipment, luggage trolley bays, and ticketing systems.
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