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Working Together to Measure Visitor Behavior In Your Venue

Take advantage of your Aruba Wi-Fi network to gather business intelligence and generate insights on venue usage, powered by Skyfii.

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Unique Capabilities That Drive Business Value

Skyfii integrates with Aruba Instant and Controller-Based APs, Aruba ClearPass, and Aruba Location Engine (ALE) to help venues better understand visitor movement.

Measure visitor movement across sites and zones

Track dwell time and presence throughout your venue

Keep track of visitor count, frequency, and recency

Deliver and attribute marketing campaigns

Customize the guest Wi-Fi experience

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Skyfii and Aruba Customer Stories

Skyfii and Aruba have worked together to deliver results for clients who face a variety of business challenges. Here are just a few of our most recent success stories:


Driving Shoppers to Store Launch

Skyfii and Aruba helped a major shopping center use location-based analytics to identity and engage with shoppers to drive traffic to an upcoming store launch.

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Automating Onsite Shopper Engagement

A large retail chain used Skyfii and Aruba to deliver a proximity marketing campaign that delighted shoppers with personalized content.

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Improving the Passenger Experience

Skyfii and Aruba helped an international airport optimize passenger throughput from gate to curb.

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Data-Driven Downtown Revitalization

To support the revitalization of its historic downtown, the city of Covington leveraged Aruba and Skyfii to gather data-driven insights.

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If you want to get more value from your wireless network, you need to give Skyfii a close look. – Özer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP Location Services at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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