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Increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience with the most powerful foot traffic solution on the market today.

Blix Traffic is the next generation of traffic counting. The unparalleled accuracy of Blix Traffic, powered by our proprietary CountSmart® technology, provides you with deep insights that help you optimize operations.

Staff rosters

Staff rosters

Blix staffing reports integrate directly with your time in attendance or staff scheduling system so that you can easily identify where your rosters may be having a negative impact on conversion and sales.
Identify performance issues

Identify performance issues

The Blix Traffic in-store performance report automatically places stores into four quadrants based on performance. Most importantly, this report explains what actions are required to improve store sales!
Measure track sales conversion

Measure & track sales conversion

Blix Traffic makes it easy to track sales conversion over time, by hour of the day, day of the week and compare different date ranges. Everything you need to understand how your stores are truly performing.
Missed sales opportunities

Missed sales opportunities

Identifying your missed sales opportunities is critical when it comes to increasing sales. Blix Traffic highlights the periods of the day, week or month where missed sales opportunities are the greatest so you can take the necessary actions.
Peel off rate

Peel off rate

Leasing costs in busy locations are huge, which is why it is critical that you measure the percentage of passing traffic that enters your store. Blix measures your peel off rate so you know which window and visual merchandise changes have the biggest impact.
Customer experience

Customer experience

All good retailers focus on delivering the absolute best customer experience to customers. Blix makes it easy to measure how stores compare in terms of customer experience as well as the impact this has on conversion and sales.


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Measure customer traffic

The benefits of measuring customer traffic to increase sales conversion are undeniable. Once you begin measuring your customer traffic, the fun work of improving sales conversion and increasing revenue begins. At Blix, this is how we do it.


Blix provides the training and tools to ensure all levels of your business understand the Blix data. It needs to become part of your language and KPIs to drive change.


The Blix Traffic conversion and in-store performance reports focus your attention on the performance issues that will deliver the best outcomes for your business.


The Blix Business Consultants work closely with your operations, area managers and store managers to ensure action is taken and the results measured.


Blix Traffic makes it easy to measure the impact of the actions taken for future learnings, continual improvement, benchmarking and training.
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“I was only looking for a traffic counter, but Blix has given us so much more. In under 12-months we are experiencing consistent sales growth and have lifted conversion by four percentage points.”

Geoff Robertson
National Sales Manager
Wallace Bishop

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