While COVID-19 might not be with us forever, the way it’s shifting the commercial rental market may be. As more businesses embrace remote work, and more commercial office space becomes available, it will become increasingly difficult to compete on rental prices and location alone. The tenant experience will become a deciding factor.

Fortunately, your buildings already have a powerful and flexible technology in-place to support this – your WiFi network. 

Here are three innovative ways you can start harnessing your existing WiFi infrastructure now to streamline operations and deliver improved tenant experiences. 

#1 Deliver Smarter, More Connected Tenant Services

Your buildings already have WiFi networks. With the right Guest WiFi solution they can easily become an interactive channel for delivering more connected tenant services and smart building applications. 

For example, using their own devices, tenants can interact with your properties in a number of ways, simply by connecting to your guest WIFi network, including:

  • Gaining access to the building, parking, fitness centers, and other amenities
  • Communicating with building staff
  • Quick access to building directories, information, and tenant services

Additionally, the information tenants provide when registering to your guest WiFi network (eg, name, contact details, etc) can be captured and stored to provide a record of visitation, enable touchless registration and contact tracing, and facilitate direct communication with tenants over multiple channels – including WiFi, SMS, email, and mobile apps.  

#2 Occupancy & Space Utilization Analytics

WiFi can also provide real-time and historical location intelligence on amenity utilization, occupancy, congestion, wait times, and more. By detecting the location and presence of WiFi enabled devices, your WiFi network can provide valuable (and anonymous) analytics on how people use your spaces. 

These insights can help you maximize the health and well-being of your tenants, streamline operations, and identify where building improvements should be made. Additionally, integration with data-driven communications tools can easily surface this data to staff, enabling them to take action when and where it’s needed. For example, you can: 

  • Notify cleaning staff of the day’s most heavily trafficked areas
  • Monitor real-time occupancy and social distancing, and automatically alert staff to respond if overcrowding is detected
  • Analyze tenant engagement with amenities and communal spaces, and identify where improvements can be made to increase tenant satisfaction with those areas
  • Optimize HVAC and lighting based on occupancy rates and utilization

When it comes to designing healthier, more useful, and enjoyable spaces – data about how people actually interact with those spaces is crucial. WiFi provides an extremely effective way to gather and action these insights, so you can create better tenant experiences now, and in the future. 

#3 Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

The thousands of tenants and occupants that use your buildings every day will likely have the best perspective on how well you’re meeting their needs. Regularly surveying tenants provides valuable insights into where critical improvements can be made.

Your WiFi network can provide an effective, intelligent, and unobtrusive way to regularly collect this data at scale. For example, you can easily deliver automated surveys through your guest WiFi captive portal before providing access to the network. 

An effective guest wifi solution will also have intelligent components that bring advantages over other methods of collecting satisfaction data, including:

  • Automation: you can create and schedule multiple surveys, allowing you to continually and easily collect ongoing feedback
  • Device recognition: By recognizing unique devices you can ensure you don’t deliver the same survey a tenant more than once
  • Location-based triggers: The ability to detect device location, and trigger surveys to collect feedback about specific amenities, floors, and services.
  • Behavioral targeting: Collect targeted feedback from people based on how they interact with your buildings (eg, regular carpark users)

By identifying what matters most to your tenants, you can prioritize the improvements to your buildings and services that will have the biggest impact. This will help you improve retention with existing tenants, and make your properties more attractive in the long run. 

How to Choose a Smart WiFi Solution

Your WiFi network is a powerful channel for improving tenant experiences – and it’s just waiting to be tapped. With the right software, you can harness your existing WiFi network to deliver more connected tenant services, and gain critical insights into the operations and experiences in your buildings. When choosing a solution, there are few points you should consider. 

First, it should integrate seamlessly with your existing property management system and tech stack. The ability to correlate and sync data between your existing systems will provide for richer insights, enable more flexible applications, and help you keep your data centralized.

Secondly, it should easily scale across your entire property portfolio as needed. Specifically, it should integrate with a wide range of WiFi hardware manufacturers, allow for remote deployment and configuration, and be flexible enough to meet the specific requirements and use cases in each building.  

Skyfii’s industry leading Guest WiFi solution has been developed specifically for these requirements and applications. It’s scalable, flexible, and integrates seamlessly with our modular suite of venue intelligence and multichannel communications tools too. 

Skyfii’s solutions are trusted by many of the world’s most recognizable property groups, and have been deployed in over 10,000 venues around the globe. To learn more about how we can help, request a free demo.

Ready to unlock the potential of your WiFi network?
Schedule a quick demo, and see how Skyfii’s solutions can help you turn your existing WiFi infrastructure into a powerful channel for improving tenant experiences. 

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