NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show wrapped up in New York City recently, and brought together innovators and decision makers across the retail industry to discuss the latest trends and technologies.

Skyfii was one of the innovators in attendance, and was there to demonstrate how the IO platform – its suite of location-based analytics and marketing tools – can help retailers better understand and engage their customers.

Skyfii CEO, Wayne Arthur, stands in-front of the Skyfii and Aruba co-sponsored booth at NRF 2019.

Location-based Analytics for Retail

From home improvement chains to large department stores, retailers across categories were interested in learning more about how location-based analytics could help them better understand customer behavior across their retail locations. They were particularly interested in gaining insight into how customers were moving through their stores, and where they were congregating. IO Insight, the data visualization component of the IO platform, has several reports designed specifically for those purposes – including the Visitor Flow and Heatmap reports, which were particularly interesting to attendees.

Visitor Flow Report – How Do Visitors Move Through Your Venue?

The Visitor Flow report provides retailers with a detailed and interactive breakdown of the paths that people take to move through their stores. For example, retailers can visualize which zones in their stores specific types of visitors are most likely to engage with first, the amount of time those visitors spend in those zones, and which zones they are most likely to visit next.

An example of the Visitor Flow report being used to understand which paths new visitors are taking through a shopping mall.

Heatmap Report – Where Do Your Visitors Congregate?

The Heatmap report enables retailers to visualize the density of foot traffic throughout their stores. This report can be viewed live, providing real-time visitor insights, or historically over the course of any previous day.

An example of the Heatmap report showing the density of foot traffic by the hour throughout the day.

Identifying high-traffic areas where visitors congregate can provide retailers with insight into the optimal placement of products, displays, and promotions. At the same time, the ability to visualize low-traffic areas can help retailers measure how changes to the environment – like signage, layout, or staffing – might improve traffic to those areas.

Catch You at The Next Event

It was a pleasure to attend NRF 2019, connect with thought-leaders in the retail industry, and have the opportunity to demonstrate some of the unique capabilities of the IO platform. We’re looking forward to our next big event – Aruba Atmosphere 2019, kicking-off March 31st. And if you’re attending, make sure to drop by our booth for a visit.

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