Atmosphere Regional Brasil 2018 wrapped up earlier this week, and Skyfii was proud to be there, as well as sponsor our third Atmosphere event in the LATAM region this year.

Several members of the Skyfii Latin America team attended the event to connect with potential customers and partners in the region, as well as to shed some light on how Skyfii’s solutions can add tangible value to existing wireless infrastructure.

Skyfii’s Marcelo Cardenuto (CEO of Skyfii Latin America), and Demis Cunha (Operations Director for Skyfii Latin America) in-front of our booth.

Leveraging WiFi as a Communication Channel

Many of the attendees that visited the Skyfii booth were executives – and while they came from various roles and industries – nearly all of them were surprised to learn about how they could turn their existing WiFi network into a powerful channel for location-based marketing and analytics though integrations with the Skyfii IO Platform.

Attendees were particularly impressed by the many ways that IO Engage, the marketing communications component of the platform, can enable businesses with physical locations to communicate with their visitors and customers.

Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time

The ability to trigger the delivery of custom marketing messages to visitors based on their behavior inside a venue was one of the features that intrigued attendees the most. For example, let’s say you’re a marketer for a large retailer, and one of your stores is having a particular promotion that you want visitors to know about while they’re in that store. With IO Engage’s automated campaign tools, you can deliver media about that promotion directly to those visitors’ devices based on specific triggers – like, registering to your guest wifi network, the amount of time they’ve spent in your store, or even after entering a certain retail zone.

IO Engage’s automated campaign tools allow businesses to deliver customized marketing messages to their users based on a range of dynamic triggers, like registering to the guest wifi network.

Features like this can help businesses improve in-store conversions (whether that’s making a purchase, visiting a location within your business, or completing a survey) by getting their messages in-front of their customers at a time when they’re more likely to complete those actions. And while this is only one example of the IO Platform’s many capabilities, it does help illustrate how businesses can get even more out of their existing WiFi infrastructure by integrating it with Skyfii’s solutions.

Catch You Next Year

Atmosphere Local Brasil 2018 wraps up our conference schedule for the year, but we’ll hope to see you at an event in 2019. Also, in-case you missed them, read about our experiences at the other Aruba events we attended in LATAM this year: Atmosphere Local Buenos Aires and Atmosphere Regional Mexico.