Australian retail
The Australian Retail Landscape 2017

Challenges to the Australian Retail sector are well recognised: soft demand resulting from reduced discretionary spending due to economic conditions, and increasing competition particularly with the rapid growth of online channels, which lack the fixed costs of retail venues. Several high-profile retail chains have recently gone into administration, and retail shares have been hit hard by the imminent arrival of Amazon Go in the Australian Retail market, which threatens to upend traditional bricks-and-mortar retail strategies with a highly efficient and optimised supply chain, reduced pricing and greater choice. Other overseas retail giants such as Kaufland are also planning an entry into the Australian marketing in the near future.

Whilst some retailers have responded with loyalty programs and greater attention to on-line channels, many lack an awareness of visitor numbers and profiles in their stores. Venue visitor analytics provide insights to Australian Retail together with an opportunity to build customer loyalty and drive conversion – essential not just for competitive advantage but many cases for survival, particularly given Amazon’s pedigree in data analytics and data driven marketing. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns permits continuous improvement and optimization.

From a consumer perspective, a well-functioning guest Wifi facility is not simply a desirable convenience; it also provides a channel to receive value in the form of incentives, promotional offers, or meaningful information, and encourages measurable dwell time and expenditure gains. For a retailer or shopping mall operator guest Wifi provides the ability to collect detailed information on customers and their behaviour, as well as opportunities to engage with customers and influence behaviour via targeted messaging and to measure attribution: the impact of marketing campaigns on visitation in venues. 

How Skyfii helps to address these challenges and beyond

Skyfii is an Australian-based retail analytics and data-driven marketing company with a global footprint and customers across South Africa, Europe, South America, North America in addition to our base in Australia and New Zealand. Powered by a unique technology, Skyfii provides a sophisticated data platform that enables organisations with physical venues to collect and correlate multiple data sets to map customer behaviour in the real world. With expertise in WiFi and location data, Skyfii provides smart analytics to measure venue performance and marketing solutions to understand and engage customers better. For more information visit

Skyfii addresses a specific need: to improve the performance of physical venues with significant visitor numbers. Typical examples are Shopping Malls, Retail Chains, Smart Cities & Municipalities, Universities, Airports, Hospitals, Galleries, Museums and Exhibitions, and Mass Public Transport.

With a history and pedigree is in delivering value to the Retail sector, Skyfii services are gaining increasing traction in other verticals. For local government and universities, the key drivers are capture of visitor data including location, journeys, and dwell times. Access to this data can be used to optimise resourcing and gain operational efficiencies, and provide superior visitor experiences. This aligns with the Smart Cities and Smart Campus initiatives being driven by governments to drive greater efficiencies and innovation in providing services to the visitors.

The ability to engage with visitors using a variety of channels (SMS, email, etc) based on segmentation, activity, and behavioural triggers allows venues to influence visitor behaviours and offers opportunities to generate advertising revenue via third parties.

Skyfii provides venue operators with the ability to identify their visitors, understand behaviours, increase engagement and enhance user experience – resulting in more visits & greater dwell times which have a strong correlation with increased revenues and/or visitor satisfaction.