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Blix launches AI-driven CountSmart® technology for unprecedented accuracy in WiFi analytics

Over the last few years, smartphone operating systems have taken steps to reduce the ways smartphones can be tracked. One such step involves randomising the unique markers of WiFi, cellular (3G & 4G) and Bluetooth signals, with operating systems changing the randomisation variables from day to day.

What does this mean for businesses that rely on analytics?

Unfortunately, most analytics providers can only use data which is not encrypted or randomised as a sample (this can be as little as 10%), making most smartphone-based analytics tools inaccurate.

That’s why Blix has spent the last two years developing our proprietary technology, CountSmart®. This new approach to WiFi analytics performs a deep analysis of every packet of smartphone data, irrespective of randomisation and encryption, allowing Blix to make use of 100% of available smartphone data.

In addition to this, AI-based CountSmart® algorithms are able to leverage the Blix Traffic database of more than 3 billion smartphone interactions to generate a unique identifier for every phone, all while providing complete privacy for the smartphone owner. This ensures we’re compliant with all privacy legislation, including GDPR.

The result? Blix Traffic, powered by CountSmart®, is able to provide highly accurate retail analytics data, which you can confidently use to improve your retail customer’s experience.

Want to see CountSmart® in action – get in touch and we’ll give you a demo.

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