Road to Recovery: How Retail Customers Are Responding to COVID-19

In April, Skyfii and Brickfields Consulting, released the first edition of the COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker report for the retail property industry. The report included survey results from over 800 Australian shoppers, and uncovered the key impacts of COVID-19 on shopper confidence, sentiment, and spending habits. 

Now, in the second edition of the report, we’ve compared new results from those respondents to understand how shopper confidence and behaviors have changed between April and May. 

While the overall outlook is looking positive for retail centers, the report also sheds light on some key areas shopping centers should continue to address. 

For example, while COVID-19 health statistics are improving:

  • The fear of contracting COVID-19 is increasing as a factor discouraging shopper visitation
  • Risk of being exposed to unfavorable shopping behaviors, (e.g., non-compliant behaviors) has increased (up 5%)

These statistics provide further evidence that shoppers expect properties to actively ensure social distancing compliance if they are to return to typical shopping behaviors.

You can read the full report by downloading it below. 

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