Data-Driven Downtown Revitalization

Customer Success Story


Covington’s historic downtown district has lost a lot of small businesses in recent years. Renaissance Covington is working hard to change that, and turned to Skyfii to enable data-driven insights they could use to help their local businesses and government thrive.


  • WiFi access points were installed on building exteriors throughout downtown to capture anonymous behavioral data.
  • SmartZones were defined in Skyfii’s IO platform to measure how visitors interacted with different areas downtown.
  • IO Insight was deployed to visualize the flow of visitor traffic through downtown, and report on metrics like peak traffic times, and visitor frequency.


  • Renaissance Covington was able to recommend optimal business hours and open times to local retailers based on actual traffic patterns throughout downtown.
  • It was discovered that thousands of visitors staying in hotels near the convention center were not engaging with the local retailers a few blocks away, highlighting the opportunity in better reaching those visitors.
  • Local government is leveraging data to acquire Federal and State funding opportunities for revitalization efforts, and justify their ROI.


io insight

Skyfii’s IO Insight is an analytics and reporting  tool for measuring the customer experience across the physical and digital world.


aruba logo

This project was supported by an Aruba wireless network of over 30 access points, specifically designed for outdoor applications.

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