Leveraging WiFi for Shopper Insights

Customer Success Story


Aliansce Shopping Centers manages the second largest portfolio of malls in Brazil. When they sought a high-performance guest WiFi service, Skyfii delivered a solution that helped them easily connect their shoppers, while also providing rich insights about their behavior and experiences.


  • Skyfii’s Guest WiFi service was deployed over Meraki access points across 20 malls, providing shoppers with managed WiFi access. 
  • Shoppers registered to the WiFi through a customized login portal, from any mall, and were seamlessly added to a customer database.
  • Skyfii’s IO Insight was deployed to measure how shoppers moved throughout the malls, how long they spent in them, and how often they came back.


Skyfii’s solution has helped Aliansce measure over 34 million visits to its shopping centers, providing them with:

  • Rich insights they can use to better understand shopper loyalty, affinity, and how shoppers interact with tenants.
  • A robust customer database that can be segmented by shopper profile and behavior, and engaged through Skyfii’s location-based marketing tools.


Guest Wifi

Skyfii’s Guest WiFi provides a scalable, flexible, and secure solution for managing the WiFi user experience across multiple locations.



Skyfii was seamlessly integrated with a Meraki cloud controlled wireless infrastructure spanning 20 malls. 

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