Smartphone tracking: What you need to know

Tracking smartphones for the purpose of retail analytics and people counting is a growing space, and one that offers some huge benefits over the more traditional methods of people counting such as overhead cameras, thermal sensors and laser beams. Whilst smartphone tracking technology is amazing, there are some technical realities you should be aware of. […]

The Missed Opportunities Retailers Don’t Even Know About

It’s still surprising how many retailers fail to understand the importance of traffic and conversion data. With a singular focus on revenue or other obvious but misleading metrics, these store owners or managers have little interest or concern for the many variables that can dramatically impact their earnings, such as foot traffic and conversion. When […]

Same-store sales or comp sales is misleading

“I focus on same-store sales because if my comps is up, we are growing and business is good”. The Head of Retail at a large fashion retailer said this to me during a recent meeting. Now, I definitely agree that same-store-sales is important, but I felt it was my duty to explain to this retail […]