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How Charlotte Douglas Airport Improved Passenger Experience

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Discover how Charlotte Douglas Airport improved passenger experience at their TSA checkpoints with a tailored queue management system.

Is your airport experiencing increased passenger volumes this season? You aren’t alone. 

IATA’s latest financial performance outlook predicts passenger numbers will reach 83% of pre-pandemic levels

This strong resurgence in air travel is usually a positive for airports. However, the immense strain on labor exacerbated by pandemic layoffs creates a less-than-ideal passenger experience.

How Skyfii Improved Passenger Experience at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the fifth busiest airport worldwide for arrivals and departures. They needed a queue management system to help lessen the burden and maneuver challenging times.

Crowded Airport

CLT partnered with Skyfii to improve passenger experience at their TSA checkpoints in October 2020. We worked with them to incorporate a queue management system.

The analytics system harnesses LiDAR data to measure queue wait times, occupancies, throughputs, checkpoint operations, and more. This technology gives CLT a complete view of its checkpoint operations to deliver an exceptional passenger experience.

The queue management system automatically detects a queue, regardless of shape and size. It also identifies the destination of the people in that queue.

These insights give CLT accurate and trustworthy queue analytics. They use this data to keep operations safe, secure, and efficient. CLT can also display queue wait times via their website, mobile app, and digital signage.

In fact, The Charlotte Observer recently verified the accuracy of the wait times during one of the busiest travel days over the Memorial Day weekend.

Airport Security Checkpoint Analytics 

Keeping passengers in the know helps lower anxiety and allows them to own their journey.

Queue analytics improve passenger experience and allow airports to optimize their staff. Airports can understand the ideal number of security lanes to staff. This reduces wait times and congestion.

At CLT, queue analytics helped them determine which checkpoint has a higher passenger capacity and move more quickly. Staff can then direct passengers to disperse volume for the most efficient journey.

Improved Passenger Experience

Skyfii’s solution extends beyond queue management. Our data platform serves as a total airport management solution to improve the passenger experience and create safer, more efficient airports.

Hear from Katie McCoy (CLT Business Intelligence Manager) on how CLT uses analytics to monitor and display TSA wait times. She also explains how they plan the optimal layout and number of TSA checkpoints needed for the future.

Want to know how our AI-driven analytics platform can solve your business, operational, and passenger experience challenges?


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