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Turn big data into smart data with Skyfii and Aruba

It’s clear that big data is not a passing fad. IDC predicts sales from big data and business analytics applications, tools and services will hit USD$185 billion by 2019 – an increase of more than 50 percent from its respectable $122 billion in 2015.

The demand is certainly there, but the challenge many companies face is in getting real insights that can be applied to day-to-day business processes. Businesses need more than swathes of spreadsheets derived from multiple sources of data – they need real insights that can inform business processes.

Alongside big data in the list of radical changes and challenges facing enterprise is mobile. Millennials and indeed workers from all generations want to work in mobile-enabled companies that provide flexibility.

Skyfii’s new partnership with Aruba combines the best of both worlds – data analytics and mobility.

Recently covered in The AustralianAruba has launched a new Mobile First Platform – a software layer that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide third-party developers and business leaders with insights to improve applications and services. Skyfii is working closely with Aruba on this.

The new platform supports today’s mobile first and rapidly evolving IoT environment. Skyfii is harnessing its power to help businesses analyse customer behaviour data and convert this information into actionable insights for retailers.

As a key part of the new platform, we have integrated the Skyfii’s IO platform with Aruba ClearPass. ClearPass allows IT administrators to create policies that can segregate authorisation to important workflows, so that – for example – management, employees, contractors, and guests have different levels of access depending on their need and clearance level.

Previously, ClearPass users had to go through Skyfii’s guest portal because it contained the ability to amalgamate the various data streams back to the user. ClearPass Extensions bypasses this entirely and gives the same experience without the unnecessary legwork.

Essentially, WiFi authentication capabilities remain seated behind the customer’s firewall and interact invisibly with Skyfii via API.

This partnership is one of many areas in which we work closely with Aruba. Together, we are helping customers to turn big data into smart data and preparing them for the new IoT-driven environment.

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