There’s a good chance your hotel is already offering WiFi access to your guests. But if you’re not also leveraging it to better understand and positively impact their experiences – you could be leaving a lot on the table.

Skyfii IO is a suite of guest analytics and communications tools for physical venues. Together with our partner Aruba, we’re delivering new solutions to help hospitality venues:

  • Build richer guest profiles
  • Drive real-time engagement with guests
  • Understand how guests are using their spaces

Join Us at HITEC

Join us at the Aruba booth (#1126) at HITEC Minneapolis June 17 – 20 to see a live demo of our joint solution in action. In the meantime, below are just three examples of how hotels are getting more from their WiFi networks with Skyfii and Aruba.

1. Build Richer Guest Profiles

Skyfii offers a highly customizable guest WiFi solution that allows hotels to build richer, more complete profiles of their guests.

Once guests register to your WiFi network using their email address or social media, their profiles can be synced with your existing CRM. You can then progressively fill in profile gaps with new data each time they login at one of your hotels, including:

  • Demographics: age, gender, zip code, country, etc.
  • Behavioral: cross-hotel visits, visit frequency, visit recency, etc.
  • Psychographic: traveler type (eg business vs. leisure), preferences (e.g. preferred room type), etc.

This data can not only help you develop a deeper understanding of guest profiles across your hotels, but you can also leverage it to deliver more personalized experiences and offers.

Skyfii’s Guest WiFi portals are highly-customizable, and can help you learn more about your guests with each visit.

2. Drive Real-Time Engagement with Your Guests

With Skyfii IO you can deliver real-time messages to your guests over WiFi, email, SMS, or in-app notifications. You can also trigger these messages based on loyalty, behavior, location, or time of day. Delivering the right messages at the right times can help you engage more effectively with your guests.

Below are two examples of how you can leverage real-time communications at your hotels.

Increase Onsite Revenue

You can set up automated campaigns to drive visitors to your hotel’s restaurants or retail shops, upcoming events, and amenities. For example, let’s say you wanted to drive traffic to your hotel’s restaurant during dinner hours. You could setup a campaign to automatically trigger an SMS promotion to guests who return to your hotel between 5pm and 7pm.

Drive engagement: Trigger automated campaigns based on guest behavior, profile, time of day, or location within your hotel.

Improve Guest Experiences

Using Skyfii’s campaign tools, you can survey guests about their experiences at different points during their stay. You can even respond to them in real time. For example, when guests access the in-room WiFi, you could automatically deliver a survey asking for feedback on their satisfaction with the room. This can help you quickly address any minor issues that might impact their experience, while also potentially avoiding a negative review.

Collect real time feedback: Trigger automated surveys over WiFi, SMS or email based on location and behavior.

3. Understand How Your Facilities are Being Used

Skyfii can help you better understand how different types of guests are spending time on your property. You can see which amenities are being used, which areas are under-visited, and how much time guests spend in those areas. You can also break this data down by metrics such as age, gender, and guest type to help you better cater your amenities to the profiles of your guests.

Visit Flow Report: Visualize the paths guests take to get to different areas in your hotels, and how long they spend in those areas.

Learn More About Our Solutions for Hospitality

Skyfii and Aruba are providing hotels with new ways to understand and positively impact the guest experience. If you’re hoping to get more out of your hotel’s WiFi infrastructure, drop by the Aruba booth at HITEC Minneapolis to learn about our joint solution.

Can’t make it to HITEC? Visit our hospitality solutions page to learn more how we can help, or contact us to request a demo.

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