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How to Easily Increase Car Sales Conversion Rates with Skyfii’s Blix Traffic

Many car brands struggle to accurately measure the sales performance of their dealerships and the ROI and effectiveness of their marketing. When sales begin to dip oftentimes there is confusion about what is to blame— advertising and marketing or sales team performance. Marketing can drive prospective customers to your dealership, but do you know if those customers are new, how long their visits are, or which staff interactions result in a sale?

Improving sales starts with measuring a dealership’s walk-in traffic to sales conversion rate. Skyfii’s Blix Traffic system provides accurate walk-traffic counts, customer experience data, and consulting services with that goal in mind – increase sales conversion rates. Blix traffic sensors and analytics software analyze traffic to sales conversion as it relates to customer experience, sales data, traffic trends inside and outside your locations, and staff schedules. You will discover where the issues are and be able to track changes over time for continuous improvement.

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What is Skyfii’s Blix Traffic system and how does it work?

Skyfii’s Blix Traffic system is a combination of traffic sensors and analytics software. It detects anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience, and location analytics data. Unlike traditional people counters, Blix Traffic measures spaces, not doors, and is up and running in minutes.

Check out how simple it is to get Skyfii’s Blix Traffic up and running:

  1. Simply plug the Blix Traffic sensor into an electricity outlet. The sensor measures two separate zones, one inside your business and one outside.
  2. The sensor reports in minutes using 4G. It will automatically detect smartphones that come within range of the sensor. No personal information is collected and data from smartphones is anonymous and encrypted.
  3. Regular people counters and door counters will count anyone that enters and exits your stores, including staff. Blix automatically removes in-store staff, regional or area managers, and other regular store visitors from the counts to ensure you are never over-counting.
  4. The reporting platform combines your sales, staffing, and marketing data to provide a powerful suite of real-time reports. Blix Traffic reports are continuously evolving and improving. Reports include analysis of customer traffic, sales conversion, customer experience, and cross shopping.
  5. That’s it! Blix Traffic manages and monitors all devices and systems. Customers do not need to opt-in, login, or do anything at all. The Blix Traffic sensors have onboard data storage and optional batteries.
The Blix Traffic reporting interface is available 24/7 on mobile, tablet, or computer. All reports are in real-time and interactive. Blix has integrations with leading point of sale, CRM, marketing, media, and analytics platforms to provide insights into sales, staffing, marketing, and media performance.

What can Skyfii’s Blix Traffic help your automobile dealership do?

Auto dealerships often share similar challenges. Skyfii’s Blix Traffic provides solutions to some of the most common problems. Here are several pain points Blix Traffic helps alleviate:

  • Measure actual visitor traffic per any time increment per dealership. Blix Traffic provides an independent third party remote view and detailed reporting of dealership foot traffic and showroom performance by hour, day, week, month, quarter, and year.
  • Awareness of staff interaction and if it converts to a sale. Blix Traffic provides in-depth analytics and reporting that shows how and where sales staff interact with visitors in a dealership showroom, how much time is spent with each visitor, and which interactions generate sales. These reports will show you which sales staff require more sales training.
  • Optimize staff scheduling to match visitor traffic volume. Blix Traffic provides highly accurate visitor counters and analytics reports that show you by day, week, and month showroom traffic volume so you know exactly when to schedule staff to improve for visitor volume and sales conversions. The single biggest impact on sales conversion is staff. While having the right number of staff working to service customer demand is critical, ensuring the right staff members are working at your busiest periods is just as important. Blix Traffic provides staffing reports that make it simple to continually improve staffing to increase conversion and sales.
  • Analyze and adjust advertising to drive in-person traffic to dealerships and produce sales and ROI. Blix Traffic analytics reports will help you measure campaign effectiveness in each market or segment based on foot traffic, dealer engagement, and sales conversion.
  • Compare dealership traffic and sales to industry benchmarks. Blix Traffic provides benchmark reports to show you how your individual dealerships, and all dealerships as a whole, compare to local, regional, and national benchmarks. Through years of experience, the Blix Traffic platform has evolved to provide exactly what automotive brands and dealerships need to make fast and accurate decisions to improve conversion and sales.

Real world wins with Skyfii’s Blix Traffic

Discover how some of our key clients used Blix Traffic to help with their biggest challenges.

  • Auto brand increases ROI with marketing attribution and dealership insights
    A large automotive brand was frustrated with its lack of accurate reported walk-in numbers by its franchisees. This traffic counting method was subjective, manual, and often underreported to increase sales conversion rates. Blix Traffic sensors were installed at 200 dealerships. The client found dealers were underreporting the number of walk-in customers by up to 48%. This insight allowed the dealerships to take accountability for sales performance which led to a 14% increase in sales conversion rates across all dealerships. Check out the case study.
  • Auto group learns staffing levels are responsible for low conversions
    An automotive company lacked visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing and dealership sales teams. They installed Blix Traffic sensors and could easily monitor foot-traffic, customer profiles, visit duration, sales conversion rates, and effects of marketing spend. The client discovered that during their campaign period, there was a 27% increase in people into the dealership, 97% of whom were new visitors. However, sales conversion rates dropped below benchmark levels in the initial stages of the campaign due to inadequate staffing. The client fixed the staffing issues in real-time, which increased sales conversion rates to benchmark, and delivered a 12% increase in sales. Check out the case study.

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