Import Your Marketing Databases into IO Engage

Say hello to using a single platform for all of your email and SMS campaigns! Gone are the days where you need to wait for visitors to register to your WiFi in order to build your marketing database.

You can now simply import a CSV of your existing subscribers into IO Engage. With more ways to build your marketing lists, IO Engage can be your one-stop-shop for sending campaigns to your visitors.

New Zone Flow Report

Better understand your visitors’ relationships and interactions between different zones in your venue. We’ve made the Zone Flow detail report more visual, allowing you to isolate zones to better identify trends in where your visitors come from and where they go next.

New Integration with Cisco Meraki Occupancy Counters

Manage your venue more effectively with our added Occupancy Counters Insight report, integrating with eligible Cisco Meraki cameras. The report shows the most number of people in a specified time period, allowing you to optimise service delivery through queue and capacity management.

New Reporting Dimensions: Month and Year & Month

We’ve added new ways to break down your analytics reporting with Month and Year & Month dimensions.

Year & Month is great for KPI reporting as it allows you to compare specific months (e.g. November 2018, December 2018, etc.).
The Month dimension is great for identifying trends as it adds up each month within the specified period (e.g. If the specified period is 2017-2018, ‘December’ will include data from both Decembers from 2017 and 2018).

Added Languages for WiFi Captive Portals

Visitors are more likely to sign up to your WiFi if the sign-up page is in their preferred language. Now with the addition of Hindi and Bahasa, our captive portal allows you to offer over 20 languages so you can connect with more visitors.

After all, only 20% of the world speaks English!




View the Documentation

To view the accompanying documentation for this release, login to your Skyfii IO account, click the Support tab, and then head to the Customer Updates section.