Visualize Local Weather Data in Your Reports

Weather data is now available to all IO users. Based on your venue’s location, you can see an indication of how certain weather events – like rain or high temperatures –  may impact visitor trends across your venues. Just use the Add Series button to overlay temperature and rainfall data in your reports.

How Sensitive are Your Venues to Changing Weather Conditions?

To accompany the launch of weather data in the platform, Skyfii’s Data Services team has also designed a weather sensitivity report that investigates the relationship between changing weather conditions and key venue performance indicators like traffic and sales. As a group of data scientists and strategists, the team are experts in helping clients drive value and actionable insight from their data.

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Six New Responsive Email Templates

We’ve added six new responsive templates, making it easier to create email campaigns that look great across both mobile and desktop devices. Our new templates Responsive and Odacio make use of multi-column layouts, that when viewed on mobile devices, collapse gracefully into single-column layouts optimized for smaller screens.

New Clone Component Feature

When creating an email campaign or captive portal, you want all of your components to maintain a consistent style. To make this easier, we’ve added a clone component feature that enables you to copy a component and all of its styles with a single click. And if you’ve accidentally cloned one too many, don’t worry, you can use the improved delete component button to delete it, along with all of its nested components.

New Social Links Widget

With the new Social Links widget, you can easily add, customize, and configure links to all of your social profiles in your email campaigns.

View the Documentation

To view the accompanying documentation for this release, login to your Skyfii IO account, click the Support tab, and then head to the Customer Updates section.