Release versions 3.0 – 3.1 of the IO Platform add support for Xovis People Counters, as well as several updates to help you better manage your marketing lists.

New Integration with Xovis People Counters

People Counters provide a highly-accurate, high-fidelity way to measure the volume and flow of foot traffic throughout key areas in your venue. In this release, we’ve added sensors from Xovis to the growing list of People Counting devices now supported in the IO Platform.

New Integration with Campaign Monitor

While Skyfii’s IO Engage makes it easy to engage your visitors across a range of channels (including email), we’ve also recently added integrations with several external email marketing platforms. Campaign Monitor is the latest addition to that list of integrations, enabling the IO Platform to automatically add new contacts to your external Campaign Monitor lists when they register to your venue’s WiFi network.

Understand Why Users Unsubscribed from Marketing Lists

We’ve made it easier to understand why registered WiFi users may not be subscribed to your marketing lists in IO Engage. When viewing WiFi registration details for a user, clicking the Subscriptions tab will now show you details on why that user is not subscribed to a particular marketing list – including because they never opted-in, the email address they provided bounced, or because they clicked the unsubscribe link from a particular campaign.

Export Marketing Lists

We’ve also made it easier to export your marketing lists from IO Engage. Selecting Export Subscribers from the Actions dropdown for a particular marketing list will now enable you to download a CSV file with registration details for all the users in that list.

View the Documentation

To view the accompanying documentation for this release, login to your Skyfii IO account, click the Support tab, and then head to the Customer Updates section.

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