A quick roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in the IO Platform for release versions 3.21 – 3.29. 

Conversion Reporting with Custom Metrics

You can now create your own custom conversion metrics, and visualize them in your IO Insight reports.

The new Calculated Fields feature can calculate conversion rates between data you integrate with the IO Platform, and key visitor metrics like visits and people counts. Once you’ve created a new calculated metric, you can easily plot the data in your IO Insight reports to understand how it changes over time.

For example, you could create calculated metrics to report on:

  • Sales conversions: Import your sales data, and calculate conversion rates for your stores, retail departments, checkout queues, and product displays.
  • Amenity/space utilization: Define the total capacity for a space (seats, number of people, etc), and calculate the ratio of occupants to capacity to understand how the percent of utilization changes over time. 
  • Attendance rates: Import class enrollment data, and calculate the ratio of students that attend each session vs. the total number of students enrolled in that class. 
  • Carpark to zone conversions: Import carpark data, and calculate conversion rates between different lots and visits to airport security checkpoints, departure gates, retail tenants, and service amenities. 

A New Suite of Traffic Counter Widgets

Using people counters to measure traffic in your venues? We’ve added a whole new suite of dashboard widgets you can use to gain quick insight into the performance of your venues. Login now, and customize your dashboards with any of these seven new traffic counter widgets:

  • Busiest Hour by Traffic Count
  • Occupancy Now
  • Top Venues by Traffic Count
  • Traffic Counts by Day Type
  • Traffic Count – Trend
  • Traffic Count – Total
  • Visits Dwell by Day of the Week 

IO Engage: Customizable Preheader Text for Email Campaigns

Want to improve open rates for your IO Engage email campaigns? Use the new preheader field to customize how your email appears in your audiences’ inboxes.

The preheader field gives you the ability to control the text that appears directly after the subject line in most email clients. You can use this space to give your readers relevant information about the contents of your email, and entice them to open it. 

New Integration with Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks

The Skyfii IO Platform now supports integrations with WiFi access points from Cambium Networks. Presence analytics and WiFi captive portal integrations are both supported. Visit the Customer Updates section in the support portal for a link to the configuration guide.

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