A quick roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in the IO Platform for release versions 3.30 – 3.42 

Emailed Reports: Dive Deeper with the One Per Venue PDF Attachment Option

Did you know that you can schedule your IO Insight reports for automatic delivery to you and your teams’ email inboxes?

And with the new One Per Venue PDF attachment option, it’s easier to schedule detailed reports for all of the venues in a venue group. Just schedule an emailed report for a venue group, select the One Per Venue option, and receive individual PDF attachments for each venue in that group.

To learn more about setting up emailed reports, and how to use the new PDF attachment option, check out the video below.

Better Understand Weekly Venue Performance with New Time Comparison Options

Grasp weekly performance with ease using 28 day reporting cycles, and the new 28 Days Ago time comparison option. Now the default for all IO Insight dashboards, 28 day reporting cycles help you align the days of the week in your weekly comparisons, so you can always compare Tuesdays to Tuesdays and Saturdays to Saturdays.

Need to go back further? Use the new 52 Weeks Ago time comparison to compare the current period with the same days of the week from 52 weeks ago.

Portuguese Language Support

We’ve been hard at work internationalizing the IO Platform, and we’re pleased to announce the launch of full Portuguese language support! The IO Platform has been transformed from the ground-up to display seamlessly in Portuguese and all of its idioms. Stay tuned as we soon begin rolling out native language support for Spanish, Chinese, and German as well.

Custom Metrics API

With the recent addition of Custom Metrics, we made it easier for customers to self-integrate almost any data source with IO Platform via a CSV file upload. Now, we’ve added support for API integrations as well.

Easily connect your point of sale, staff scheduling, car parking systems and more via the new Custom Metrics API, and visualize that data in your IO Insight reports. To learn how to get started with the new Custom Metrics API, checkout the documentation in the support portal.

New WiFi Hardware Integrations

Extreme Wireless WiNG
Guest WiFi captive portal integration with ExtremeWireless WiNG (formerly Motorola Zebra) WiFi access points is now supported. To learn more, check out the Wireless WiNG configuration guide in the support portal.

Aruba Instant On
Guest WiFi integration with Aruba Instant On access points is now supported in the IO Platform. A simple and fast, small-business WiFi solution, Instant On snugly complements your current Aruba Central, IAP and Controller connections. To learn more, check out the Aruba Instant On Configuration Guide in the support portal.

Access controllers from Huawei have also received Guest WiFi integration support. Huawei integrations are suited to a range of use cases, stretching from medium business to large enterprise deployments, with affordability in-mind. To learn more, check out the Huawei Wireless Access Controller Configuration Guide in the support portal.

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