Visualize Visitor Demographics in Your People Counter Reports

Sightcorp’s CrowdSight software can be used with almost any camera to anonymously detect the demographic profiles of your visitors, including age, gender, and more.

The new integration with Skyfii enables you to ingest, visualize, and segment your CrowdSight data in the People Counters report – giving you new ways to develop a deeper understanding of your visitors.

Click Tracking for WiFi Portal Landing Pages

With the new click tracking report, you can track link clicks in your WiFi portal landing pages. The report can help you understand which links users clicked on, how many times those links were clicked, and the number of users that clicked on them.

Note: this report only tracks links for landing pages hosted within the Skyfii platform.

Sign Up Date Segmentation

We’re always adding new ways for you to create targeted engagement with your visitors, and now you can target them based on when they subscribed to your marketing lists. Segment users who registered within a certain timeframe, specific date, or even date range.

Bulk Floor Import Tool

We’ve added a new feature to the Floors settings screen to help admin users setup their venues faster. Instead of configuring one floor at a time, you can now use the Add Bulk option to import configuration data for every floor in your venue from a single CSV file.

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