A New Way to Integrate Your Sales, Marketing, and Operations Data

With the addition of the Custom Metrics import tool, we’re giving you more ways to connect your data to the IO Platform.

You can now import Custom Metrics into the IO Platform from a CSV file. This allows you to easily integrate additional sales, marketing, and operations data on the fly. You can then visualize this data in custom reports, and correlate it with visitor data from WiFi and People Counters.

Example: Custom Metrics report showing sales data by product category, and correlated with shopper visits.

How Can you Use the Custom Metrics Import Tool?

While the possibilities are endless, below a few examples of how you might use the Custom Metrics import tool to improve venue insights:

  • Point of sale data: import sales data from your POS, create custom tags for product categories, and analyze the relationship between visitor traffic and sales.
  • Car park data: import data from your car park systems to visualize how utilization changes by the hour, day, week or month.
  • Campaign data: import campaign data from sources like Facebook, Google Adwords, or Instagram, and analyze the relationship between ad impressions and visits to your venues.
  • Thermostat readings: import thermostat data, and correlate it with occupancy data across different spaces in your venue to optimize utilization of your HVAC systems.

To learn more about how your organization can start taking advantage of the Custom Metrics import tool, contact your Skyfii account manager.

New Hardware Integrations: WatchGuard and Extreme Networks

The IO Platform now supports captive portal integration for both Watchgaurd and Extreme Networks access points right out of the box. Additionally, WatchGuard users can take advantage of the Presence Analytics integration to capture detailed visitor insights.

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