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LiDAR in Retail: 3 Ways to Transform Your Shopper Analytics

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LiDAR technology allows retailers to capture shopper insights and build shopper profiles with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and granularity.

Our technology provides brick-and-mortar retailers with a toolset similar to web analytics used by e-commerce stores. Motion analytics derived from our LiDAR capabilities help retailers improve the shopper experience in various ways.

These top 3 motion analytics use cases help make retail businesses smarter.

1. Understand Shopper Movement

Using LiDAR for shopper analytics provides needed insight into shopper behavior. Understanding shopper journeys is the first step to creating smarter retail experiences.

Shopper analytics can also provide granular, real-time information about movement, occupancy, and dwell time throughout all areas.

In order to optimize shopper experiences, it’s essential to better understand product, asset, or staff interactions within a retail store.

Retailers can also use shopper journey patterns correlated with sales data. These insights help determine the performance and preference of products, categories, and brands.

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2. Influence Shopper Behavior

Skyfii has extensive experience tailoring shopper experiences through our tools such as guest WiFi and IO Engage. This ensures shoppers have access to information, rewards, and offers relevant to them.

Now, motion analytics brings additional and related use cases.

As mentioned, shopper analytics provide visibility of patterns of movement, journey times, and purchase behaviors. Retailers can use these insights to improve merchandising.

For example, retailers can analyze customer journey patterns to determine the best product placement, displays, signage, and store layout. This ensures customers can easily locate relevant products.

Motion analytics also makes these planning decisions quick and with greater certainty.

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3. Improve Shopper Experience

Motion analytics provide real-time measurement of flows and queues. Retailers can use this data to schedule future staffing needs and optimize staffing at the moment.

By optimizing staff’s time while in the store, they can better provide shopper service in necessary areas like aisles and checkouts.

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The Skyfii staff-to-shopper ratio report provides real-time measurement of occupancy and flows. Retailers can schedule future staffing needs and optimize staffing at the moment.

When it comes to safety, historical analysis of common pathways helps predict congestion and traffic flow in instances of emergencies or incidents.

For example, in the event of a fire, data can predict where occupants are most likely to congregate and which way they will most likely take to exit the building. This helps staff ensure clear pathways and post signage in high-risk areas before an incident occurs.

Real-time reports and automated alerts can also help emergency services know where occupants are located if a building must be evacuated.

In addition, data can provide real-time information about customer service asset utilization, like product finders, kiosks, price scanners, or service desks. Motion analytics also help retailers understand asset utilization by staff and customers and other analytics, like queue lengths and times. This information helps a retailer understand the paths a shopper takes to find an asset and if it is placed optimally.

Motion analytics can also help with checkout processes. The Skyfii platform can send notifications to staff or digital signage. For instance, send updates on queue wait times and direct shoppers to available registers. This feature increases efficiency and improves the shopper experience.

Make Your Retail Business Smarter with LiDAR Technology

Motion analytics allow retailers to understand what’s happening in their stores in real time. These insights better inform them. This increases efficiency and profitability while improving shopper experience.

Over time, shopper behavioral patterns can also provide the necessary detail required to make informed planning and investment decisions.

If you’re looking to improve your shopper experience and make your retail business smarter, we can provide the data and insights you need.

Ready to take your business to the next level with LiDAR technology and Skyfii’s data platform? Learn how we can help your retail business. Chat with one of our solution experts today.


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