Skyfii seamlessly deployed a premium bespoke Guest WiFi and analytics solution for Market City to drive traffic to the venue and provide key customer insights.

Located in the heart of China Town, Market City represents a meeting of two worlds. With great retail brands mingling with a mix of exotic Asian culture, Market City is a unique destination. Skyfii were fortunate to be invited to deploy its mobile technology solution in and around the Centre at the beginning of 2014.

Spanning 3 levels and with a large central open atrium, Market City required a complex network design to cater for the large Asian and Student customer base, both heavy free WiFi users. Market City also asked Skyfii to deploy the network on the exterior of the centre to measure outside traffic and centre conversion rates. In addition, Market City asked Skyfii to deploy it’s zoning capability to measure in-centre traffic flow by precinct. In particular they wanted to know what impact the Food Court has on the rest of the centre.


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