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Episode 10: The State of Technology in Commercial Real Estate

Michael Beckerman, Founder and CEO at CREtech has made a career of being on the bleeding edge of what’s new ...
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Episode 9: How AI is Shaping The Future of Retail

Building customer profiles through facial recognition, using cameras to predict out-of-stock items, and measure visitor flow – these are just ...
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Episode 8: Why A Great Guest Experience Isn’t Optional

Creating a great guest experience is much bigger than what happens inside your venue. It's actually a culmination of a ...
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Episode 7: How Location Based Marketing Helps Build Experience-Driven Spaces

WiFi is no longer a commodity. It’s an asset. When your business offers guest WiFi, you’re covering your space with ...
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Episode 6: How Customer Experience Affects Airport Choice

Cost, convenience, proximity – those are some of the factors consumers use to choose which airports they fly out of ...
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Episode 5: How Grocery Retailers Are Reacting to An Online World

As consumers become increasingly comfortable in an online world, what is the future of grocery retail? Rachel Elias Wein, Founder ...
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