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Episode 4: Why Commercial Property Groups Are Moving To A Data-First Mindset

As the digital transformation of retail continues, commercial property owners are beginning to feel the impact. Max Ryerson, CEO and ...
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Episode 3: How Data Can Help Drive Downtown Revitalization

How do you revitalize a declining municipality? Katie Meyer, Executive Director of Renaissance Covington, is on the front lines of ...
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Episode 2: Why Wireless Networks Are Key To Your Customer Intelligence Strategy

Wireless networks have evolved from a commodity to a core part of data strategy, and early concerns about speed and ...
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Episode 1: Solving Customer Problems Using New Technology

Technology is not the end all be all, or the one silver bullet for solving your customer's problems – but ...
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People in Places – The Visitor Experience Podcast

Presented by Skyfii, People in Places is a podcast dedicated to helping today’s shopping centers, retail outlets, airports, museums, universities, ...
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