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Historically, retailers have had a difficult time gathering data about the in-store shopping experience. This makes it hard to know where improvements to customer experiences and operations should be made. Additionally, without the ability to connect behavioral data with sales and operational data, understanding the potential ROI of these decisions is even more challenging.

Meraki and Skyfii are working together to change that. In this article you’ll learn how Meraki MV cameras and Skyfii’s IO Platform can help retailers gain a deeper understanding of shopper behavior, and the factors that influence it. You’ll also learn how you can leverage these insights to streamline operations, make more informed merchandising decisions, and optimize store layouts.

Meraki MV Smart Cameras

Meraki’s line of MV smart cameras can detect people and their movements within a space. The cameras are lightweight, don’t require a complicated IT infrastructure, and are easy to install throughout your store. 

Meraki MV cameras can help you measure:

  • Shopper interactions with products and displays
  • Conversion and abandonment at checkout
  • Queue times, dwell times, occupancy and more
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The Skyfii IO Platform

Skyfii IO is a cloud-based analytics and engagement platform built for the needs of physical venues. Skyfii IO ingests MV camera data, and lets you visualize it in easy-to-use reports. It also integrates with a range of other data sources, helping you connect the dots between shopper behavior, sales, operational changes, and marketing initiatives. 

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Skyfii IO can help you:

  • Consolidate your business’s data into a single, easy-to-use reporting platform
  • Correlate MV data with POS, staffing, weather, social, WiFi, marketing data, and more
  • Trigger real-time alerts to staff via SMS or in-app notifications
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Meraki MV + Skyfii IO: What Are the Use Cases? 

While there are many applications for Skyfii and Meraki MV cameras, we’re going to focus on three popular use cases for retail. We’ll also cover a few specific outcomes for each of those use cases. 

Optimize Staff Allocation

Staff optimization starts by understanding how visitor traffic and demand change over time. Meraki MV cameras can help you measure visitor behavior throughout your store and queue performance at checkout. Skyfii IO helps you analyze this data, and connect it with staffing data, sales data, and real time messaging to properly align staffing with demand.

Staffing and visitor reports help you analyze visitor traffic and align staffing with demand.

Accurately Predict Staffing Needs. The ability to analyze visitor traffic can help you understand how demand changes throughout the day, week, or season. This can help you identify trends in traffic patterns and more accurately align staffing with demand across departments. Also, because Skyfii IO integrates with your staff scheduling and POS data, you can gain insight into when you might be over- or under-staffed. 

Improve Queue Performance. With Meraki MV and Skyfii IO, you can monitor queue times, and queue conversion vs. abandonment. This gives you insight into how average queue times change throughout the day, and the impact that might be having on conversion rates. For example, you might discover that when the average queue time crosses a certain threshold, abandonment rises sharply. Scheduling enough staff at checkout to keep queue times below this threshold can help you optimize checkout for conversion, while improving customer experiences.

Allocate Staffing in Real Time. Skyfii IO can use MV camera data to trigger real-time alerts to staff via in-app or SMS messages. For example, you could monitor queue times at the customer service desk, and then automatically alert additional staff to provide assistance when queue times become too long. Additionally, you could monitor retail zones, and alert staff when a certain number of people are detected in them. These capabilities allow you to quickly adjust staff allocation to meet changing demand throughout your store. 

Improve Merchandising Intelligence

Meraki MV cameras can be placed in strategic locations to measure visits to retail displays. Using Skyfii IO, you can test how different placements and marketing strategies impact engagement with those displays. Skyfii IO also integrates with your point of sale data, so you can correlate visits with sales. 

Conversion and sales reports can help you measure how effective displays are at attracting shoppers, and convincing them to make a purchase.

Measure Engagement with Displays. The ability to measure visits to retail displays, and understand if those visits are actually leading to purchases, can help you fine tune your visual merchandising strategies. You can test how placement and signage impact visits to your displays. You can also gain insight into how effective your display marketing is at convincing shoppers to make a purchase. For example, if your displays are attracting shoppers, but those visits aren’t leading to sales of those products, it could mean that you need to adjust your display marketing strategies.

Discover Which Products Convert Shoppers. You can use Meraki MV cameras and Skyfii IO to gain insights into how effective different products are at converting shoppers. For example, you can benchmark Window Conversions (the number of shoppers that walk by a window display vs. enter your store). You can then test how featuring different products in that window display impacts visits to your store. These insights can help you align your merchandising strategies with the types of products and brands that are most likely to appeal to shoppers in a given location.

Measure the Impact of Layout Changes

Meraki MV cameras can measure visits to retail zones throughout your store. Using Skyfii, you can analyze how layout changes impact traffic to those zones. You can also integrate point of sale and customer sentiment data to understand if layout changes actually improve customer experiences and sales. 

Reports like Zone Overview can help you measure and compare traffic to different retail zones.

Discover how Layout Impacts Sales. Improving traffic to under-visited areas might help you increase revenue opportunity by increasing engagement with those areas. Using Skyfii to correlate MV data with your point of sale data can help you understand if increasing traffic to certain areas leads to higher sales of the products displayed there.

Discover how Layout Impacts Customer Experiences. Optimizing store layout can also improve customer experiences by making it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Skyfii integrates with a variety of tools for capturing customer sentiment data. You can use Meraki MV cameras and Skyfii IO to identify under-visited areas, make layout changes to increase traffic to those areas, and then use automated surveys to ask shoppers how easy it was to find what they needed. 

Learn More About Meraki and Skyfii Retail Solutions

Meraki MV cameras and Skyfii IO provide retailers with tangible insights they can use to improve the operations and experiences in their retail stores. The flexibility and small footprint of Meraki MV cameras enables retailers to measure shopper interactions throughout their stores – and at very close proximity. Through our cloud-based platform, Skyfii helps retailers visualize this data, and leverage it to drive tangible business outcomes. 

To learn more about how Meraki and Skyfii are working together contact us, or visit our partner solutions page.

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