If you’re attending Ruckus Big Dogs in Bangkok next week – the Skyfii team look forward to connecting with you. We’ll be there connecting with partners, as well as discussing how Ruckus and Skyfii joint deployments are benefiting the Higher Education space. 

Skyfii and Ruckus for Higher Education

Skyfii’s cloud-based software brings advanced captive portal management, location analytics, and marketing capabilities to Ruckus wireless networks.

This enables universities to leverage their WiFi networks to:

  • Understand and improve classroom attendance
  • Engage students and visitors through location-based messaging
  • Optimize the location of campus services and amenities 
  • Monitor journey times between areas of campus
  • Deliver useful information to visitors and students through WiFi captive portals

Join Our Session: Selling Smart Campus Solutions

Wed. July 31 | 1:45pm: Richard Nedwich, Dir. of Education Marketing at Ruckus will be delivering a presentation titled Higher Education: Selling Smart Campus Solutions. Skyfii’s CIO Michael Walker will also join Rich during the presentation, to discuss a recent joint case study for a leading Australian university. Michael will discuss how Skyfii and Ruckus helped the university improve how they measure and report on student attendance using WiFi intelligence. 

You can learn more about that case study here

Hope to See you There

If you’re interested in learning more about Skyfii, our partnership with Ruckus, or how you can work with us – connect with us at the Skyfii booth and drop by our presentation on Wednesday.

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