As an omnidata intelligence company, Skyfii focuses on helping organizations measure, predict, and influence visitor behavior. To support that mission, we’re continually bringing new capabilities to our suite of customer analytics and engagement tools in the IO platform. People counting technology is one area we have been committed to expanding support for, and today we’re pleased to announce that with the acquisition of Beonic Technologies, we continue to strengthen those capabilities.

People counters provide physical venues with an effective way to capture high-fidelity, granular analytics on visitor movement throughout their venues. Additionally, the ability to correlate their data with other sources in the IO platform – such as WiFi, POS, and weather – can help venues improve the depth of intelligence they can gather. While Skyfii’s IO Platform already supports the ingestion and visualization of people counter data, the acquisition of Beonic allows us to augment those capabilities, and integrate with an even wider range of devices. 

Founded in 1994, Beonic is a leading Australian consumer insights company, providing data-driven solutions to help businesses improve operations and performance in their venues. Through its sophisticated people counter and camera technologies, the company has helped over 600 venues across industry sectors gain a deeper understanding of traffic to, and throughout, their spaces.

As we continue to innovate how our software and services can help organizations better understand visitor behavior – we look forward to the possibilities that people counters, and the acquisition of Beonic Technologies, will bring to the IO platform.

To learn more about the acquisition, read our announcement in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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