Properties are shifting away from being places where people merely conduct transactions to becoming community hubs that provide meaningful experiences for their customers.

Key to this transformation is having the right data to understand customer behaviour. Without that, it’s very difficult to make good decisions about improving the customer experience.

That’s why leading commercial property groups are making big investments in data analytics this year.

151 Property, a leading Australian commercial real estate company, is no exception. We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with 151 Property to use our IO Platform to measure, predict, and influence customer behaviour across their retail portfolio.

151 Property’s progressive stance on technology is a perfect fit for Skyfii. With the insights provided by Skyfii IO, 151 Property will be well equipped to understand how changes to infrastructure, tenant mix, communications, and other factors affect customer behaviour.

“We’re excited to partner with 151 Property to create next-generation retail sites. Working with leading companies like 151 Property is always a pleasure because it gives us key insights into where the retail space is headed.”
– John Rankin, COO of Skyfii

From left to right:
Matt Healy, Head of Retail at 151 Property
John Rankin, COO of Skyfii
Nej Elia, National Portfolio Manager at 151 Property
John-Paul Talbot, Head of Data at Skyfii