Skyfii’s Blix Traffic Helps Retailers Increase Sales by Combining Intuition and Science

Retailers spend millions driving prospective customers in-store. But once customers make it inside, retailers rarely have the right tools needed to glean valuable insights on them. In order to increase sales, it’s necessary to know where customers spend the most time, for how long, and if they are a return visitor.

Retailing is both intuition and science. You know your business best and your intuition is important. Skyfii’s Blix Traffic brings the science to support it. You may have the data but most likely don’t have the time to analyze it and provide insights to incite change. Blix Traffic helps retailers interpret the data, and provide real-time solutions that can result in more sales.

Blix not only measures walk-in traffic, but also measures the space between the door and the point of sale. It provides independent and accurate measurement of what matters most to your business — customer experience. Blix works with you to achieve a simple goal — increase sales conversion rates.

What is Skyfii’s Blix Traffic system and how does it work?

Skyfii’s Blix Traffic system is a combination of traffic sensors and analytics software. It detects anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience, and location analytics data. Unlike traditional people counters, Blix Traffic measures spaces, not doors, and it’s up and running in minutes.

Check out how simple it is to get Skyfii’s Blix Traffic up and running:

  1. Simply plug the Blix Traffic sensor into an electricity outlet. The sensor measures two separate zones, one inside your business and one outside.
  2. The sensor reports in minutes using 4G. It will automatically detect smartphones that come within range of the sensor. No personal information is collected and data from smartphones is anonymous and encrypted.
  3. Regular people counters and door counters will count anyone that enters and exits your stores, including staff. Blix automatically removes in-store staff, regional or area managers, and other regular store visitors from the counts to ensure you are never over-counting.
  4. The reporting platform combines your sales, staffing, and marketing data to provide a powerful suite of real-time reports. Blix Traffic reports are continuously evolving and improving. Reports include analysis of customer traffic, sales conversion, customer experience, and cross shopping.
  5. That’s it! Blix Traffic manages and monitors all devices and systems. Customers do not need to opt-in, login, or do anything at all. The Blix Traffic sensors have onboard data storage and optional batteries.
The Blix Traffic reporting interface is available 24/7 on mobile, tablet, or computer. All reports are in real-time and interactive. Blix has integrations with leading point of sale, CRM, marketing, media, and analytics platforms to provide insights into sales, staffing, marketing, and media performance.

How can Skyfii’s Blix Traffic help your retail business?

Retailers often share similar challenges. Skyfii’s Blix Traffic provides solutions to some of the most common problems. Here are several business areas Blix Traffic can benefit:

  • Marketing: Blix Traffic helps you measure your marketing activity as it relates to your sales funnel so you can understand what is and isn’t working to drive sales. You can monitor the effectiveness of local and national campaigns and see which locations gained the most from your marketing efforts.
  • Customer engagement: Identify which stores are best at engaging customers and have the highest customer loyalty.
  • Real estate: Blix Traffic helps effectively measure traffic moving around your location. This will allow you to rank stores by location and conversion of passing by traffic to customers. You can use this insight to discuss with your landlord leasing rates based on traffic. This can also bring insight on site assessments and location forecasts.
  • Staff: Optimize labor hours effectively across hours, days, and dayparts of the week to match traffic. You can also optimize your staff schedules based on customer demand to maximize sales.
  • Conversions: Evaluate your store conversion rates live over time. Our Blix Traffic team provides in-depth knowledge on solutions that can test existing conversion numbers and work to increase them.
  • Sales: Average transaction value (ATV) is one of the most powerful levers to bring change for most retailers. Blix provides clear strategies to maximize customer spend. Plus, analyze customer traffic, dwell time, basket size, and bounce rates to ensure highest sales output each hour.

Real world win with Skyfii’s Blix Traffic

Interested in how Blix Traffic works for retailers? See how one of our key clients was able to understand in-store customer flow to optimize store layout using Blix Traffic.

  • This large retailer wanted to understand the complete customer journey through their store with real-time data on their footfall traffic so they could design layouts to increase sales. The store had multiple departments and didn’t want to rely solely on sales data to make these decisions. The retailer had 15 Blix Traffic sensors installed and discovered 34% of customers visit more than one department and 38% of those will visit three departments. Women’s shoes had the highest dwell time and was the most frequented department while the sporting department was the least frequented. Discover what this retailer did to change store layout to increase sales in this case study.

Ready to get started?

Learn more and increase your retail sales with detailed customer traffic insights delivered by Skyfii’s Blix Traffic. Get highly-accurate customer traffic analytics to help you increase your traffic-to-sales conversion rates, staffing, and customer experiences. Request your free demo.


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