social marketing
social marketing

You’re getting dozens, if not hundreds of likes for your social marketing efforts, people are digging what you’re putting down. Share, share, love, laugh. It’s all good feedback. But what does that actually mean to visitation of your venue? The ROI for online campaigns is easy to measure when the product or service is also online – click throughs and dollar attribution say it all – but when your business is of the physical variety, how can you tell if all that social engagement is really paying off? The fact is, attributing offline sales to online campaigns is a challenge for even the most tech-savvy businesses.

We can all go through the basics… SMART KPIs will help you measure social marketing campaign effectiveness. You remember SMART? Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely? Of course you do. But these alone are not enough when attributing online to offline.

Another angle is tracking SOCIAL SENTIMENT. One of the easiest ways to understand if your social marketing campaigns are successful. The good old hashtag is used via all social platforms so it’s easy to track how people are reacting about your campaign. The next question, however, is whether or not your campaign is hustling consumers off their couches and into your venues?

The golden ticket, of course, is SALES.  Perhaps the most obvious way, but also the most tricky. How can you be sure that someone has been buying your product because of seeing your campaign on Facebook? Until recently, you couldn’t. Not accurately anyway. Now, as data analytics for physical spaces becomes a reality, the attribution does too.

But sales isn’t always the only objective of a campaign. Ultimately, you want to know if your social marketing campaigns are driving people to your venue or space. FOOTFALL & VISITATION plays a big role in understanding this correlation and is something you can now measure so long as you have accurate data analytics for your venue. Do visits spike when your campaigns are live? Are some messages more impactful than others? By measuring and monitoring this, you’ll be able to build a robust social strategy that you know works and report results in a tangible way.

The Skyfii IO social dashboard makes this process easy and efficient; providing an easy-to-ingest dashboard with everything you need, right where you need it. Track the social sentiment of each campaign and benchmark against previous results to see where your campaigns have had real-world impact.

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