How Motion Analytics is Transforming the Retail Industry and Customer Experience

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This article was featured in Shopping Centre News CBD Guns issue. A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company outlined five actions retailers should focus on to build more resilience in their customer experience and to emerge even stronger in the pandemic recovery. One of these five actions is to reimagine the physical customer experience in order to […]

Skyfii partners with BrainBox AI to Drive Increased Energy Savings in Commercial Real Estate

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Skyfii is excited to partner with BrainBox AI, the pioneering leader in autonomous AI technology for commercial and corporate real estate. Under the partnership, Skyfii customers will have the ability to rapidly optimize their occupancy data to drive significant energy savings with BrainBox AI. BrainBox AI offers a unique technology that combines deep learning, cloud-based computing […]

Episode 9: How AI is Shaping The Future of Retail

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Building customer profiles through facial recognition, using cameras to predict out-of-stock items, and measure visitor flow – these are just some of the ways AI may shape the future of retail. David Bonthrone is the Chief Revenue Officer of Remark Holdings, the builder of one of the world’s largest data-driven suites of AI solutions. He joins us […]