Top 6 Ways Guest WiFi Can Take Your Retail Business to the Next Level

Brick-and-mortar retailers are focused on getting customers back in their stores, now more than ever. Last year forced many retailers to adapt and pivot their business in order to stay afloat. However, retailers can be comforted by the fact that consumers still prefer to buy in person (BusinessTech by Hashmicro) after doing their research online. So, how […]

3 Innovative Ways CRE Can Harness WiFi to Improve Tenant Experiences

While COVID-19 might not be with us forever, the way it’s shifting the commercial rental market may be. As more businesses embrace remote work, and more commercial office space becomes available, it will become increasingly difficult to compete on rental prices and location alone. The tenant experience will become a deciding factor. Fortunately, your buildings […]

Proximity Marketing: How Your Business Benefits From In-Venue Targeting

As technology advances, marketing continually adds new channels to reach audiences. Wireless communications, internet connectivity, and other advancements have added multiple ways to connect with customers. The latest marketing evolution is proximity marketing, which is quickly becoming a favorite tactic for data-driven marketers. What is Proximity Marketing? Proximity marketing refers to the use of wireless […]