How Occupancy Data can Help Reduce your Building’s Energy Consumption

Climate change is one of the main challenges the world faces today. Rampant wildfires, powerful hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, droughts, and temperature extremes are now commonplace. Temperatures could rise over 3 degrees Celsius, or 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, this century without global action ( We know that climate impacts scale with warming so reducing emissions as […]

Skyfii partners with BrainBox AI to Drive Increased Energy Savings in Commercial Real Estate

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Skyfii is excited to partner with BrainBox AI, the pioneering leader in autonomous AI technology for commercial and corporate real estate. Under the partnership, Skyfii customers will have the ability to rapidly optimize their occupancy data to drive significant energy savings with BrainBox AI. BrainBox AI offers a unique technology that combines deep learning, cloud-based computing […]

Recap: 10 Takeaways, From 10 Thought-Leaders, In 6 Minutes

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We launched People in Places last December to explore how businesses with physical locations are leveraging new technologies, tactics, and perspectives to improve visitor experiences. We’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with thought-leaders across industries to discuss everything from using AI to create personalized visitor experiences, to building a culture and strategy around customer intelligence. Now, that […]

Episode 10: The State of Technology in Commercial Real Estate

Michael Beckerman, Founder and CEO at CREtech has made a career of being on the bleeding edge of what’s new and exciting in commercial real estate. In this episode of People in Places, he shares his tips for how to anticipate the next big thing: Stay close to your comfort zone – “I was looking around for […]

Episode 5: How Grocery Retailers Are Reacting to An Online World

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As consumers become increasingly comfortable in an online world, what is the future of grocery retail? Rachel Elias Wein, Founder and President of WeinPlus, sees the grocery sector heading towards a model where online and offline storefronts are inexorably linked. A model where inventory, accounting, and customer data across both channels are streamlined, enabling grocery stores […]

Episode 1: Solving Customer Problems Using New Technology

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Technology is not the end all be all, or the one silver bullet for solving your customer’s problems – but it can be a great enabler. This is wisdom Tim Weale and his company Mirvac Retail Solutions live by. As a property group in Australia, they’re out to solve their customer’s problems using technology as an enabler. And […]