How Motion Analytics is Transforming the Retail Industry and Customer Experience

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This article was featured in Shopping Centre News CBD Guns issue. A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company outlined five actions retailers should focus on to build more resilience in their customer experience and to emerge even stronger in the pandemic recovery. One of these five actions is to reimagine the physical customer experience in order to […]

Skyfii Acquisition Of CrowdVision Expands Use Cases To Make Retail Business Smarter

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Our technology provides brick and mortar retailers with a set of tools similar to what web analytics providers supply to online and e-commerce stores. We provide retailers and retail property managers an understanding of how to improve customer experiences. The Skyfii platform allows retailers to rapidly build a customer database, segment audiences, and increase customer […]

Skyfii’s Acquisition of CrowdVision Creates the Airport of the Future

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We are excited to have acquired CrowdVision to help us strengthen our video analytics and LiDAR capabilities. CrowdVision’s market leading computer vision and machine learning algorithms improve the quality, accuracy, and validity of pedestrian traffic analytics. These advancements are important because they enable us to design the most suitable and innovative solutions for our customers based on their […]

How Computer Vision Sits at the Core of Omnidata Intelligence

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The recent acquisition of CrowdVision is fundamental to Skyfii’s omnidata intelligence methodology. Put simply, omnidata intelligence incorporates all the elements that are necessary to deliver a successful data solution. Analyzing data to gain a better understanding of something is usually not as straightforward as data source X is used to understand Y. Omnidata intelligence adopts a broader […]