Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium Manages Occupancy and Improves the Visitor Experience with Skyfii Technology

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, home to the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor desert, chose Skyfii’s technology to manage occupancy and deliver a better visitor experience. Omaha’s Zoo and Aquarium, also home to America’s largest indoor rainforest and largest aquarium in a zoo, implemented Skyfii’s technology products including people counters, IO Insights, and guest WiFi. Skyfii’s […]

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Chooses Skyfii to Help Drive Guest Engagement

SFMOMA blogPost

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), one of the USA’s premier art museums, selected Skyfii’s cloud-based software, technology, and expert data services, to deliver an improved and more engaging experience for its visitors. SFMOMA, known for being a pioneer in its use of innovative technology, is now incorporating a suite of Skyii’s technology […]

Episode 14: Why Your Brand Needs Small Data

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Your brand needs small data. Without it, you’re probably missing opportunities to gain key insights to inform your marketing decisions. You’re also probably not as customer centric as you’d like to be. On our latest episode of People In Places, Pip Stocks, Founder and CEO at BrandHook, shared her expertise of small data and customer intimacy. Here’s a […]

Episode 13: How Walmart is Bridging The Physical and Digital Divide

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“When you work together as a team, digital and brick-and-mortar, you can increase your value in the market, not only as a strong competitor, but also for the consumers.” In Episode 13 of People in Places, Leticia Espinosa Vera shares lessons from her experience leading digital transformation at, Mexico. You’ll learn how Walmart teams work together to create a […]

Episode 9: How AI is Shaping The Future of Retail

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Building customer profiles through facial recognition, using cameras to predict out-of-stock items, and measure visitor flow – these are just some of the ways AI may shape the future of retail. David Bonthrone is the Chief Revenue Officer of Remark Holdings, the builder of one of the world’s largest data-driven suites of AI solutions. He joins us […]

Episode 8: Why A Great Guest Experience Isn’t Optional

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Creating a great guest experience is much bigger than what happens inside your venue. It’s actually a culmination of a bunch of little touch-points that visitors have with your brand over time – from their very first interaction with your website, to their experiences inside your venue, all the way through how you engage with […]

Episode 6: How Customer Experience Affects Airport Choice

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Cost, convenience, proximity – those are some of the factors consumers use to choose which airports they fly out of. But what about the customer experience? How does it affect airport choice, and how do airports know that the improvements they make are ones that their customers actually care about? These are questions that Natasia Malaihollo and […]

Episode 3: How Data Can Help Drive Downtown Revitalization

How do you revitalize a declining municipality? Katie Meyer, Executive Director of Renaissance Covington, is on the front lines of this challenge in Covington, Kentucky. Her city’s downtown shares a similar story to many others. An incredible historic infrastructure still stands, albeit empty. Over the years, their downtown has lost a lot of small businesses and […]

Episode 2: Why Wireless Networks Are Key To Your Customer Intelligence Strategy

Wireless networks have evolved from a commodity to a core part of data strategy, and early concerns about speed and security are being replaced with a desire to know what to do with all the data coming in. Özer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP of location services at HPE Aruba, joined the podcast to shed some light on why […]