Episode 3: How Data Can Help Drive Downtown Revitalization

How do you revitalize a declining municipality? Katie Meyer, Executive Director of Renaissance Covington, is on the front lines of this challenge in Covington, Kentucky. Her city’s downtown shares a similar story to many others. An incredible historic infrastructure still stands, albeit empty. Over the years, their downtown has lost a lot of small businesses and […]

Episode 2: Why Wireless Networks Are Key To Your Customer Intelligence Strategy


Wireless networks have evolved from a commodity to a core part of data strategy, and early concerns about speed and security are being replaced with a desire to know what to do with all the data coming in. Özer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP of location services at HPE Aruba, joined the podcast to shed some light on why […]

People in Places – The Visitor Experience Podcast

People in Places Thumbnail outline

Presented by Skyfii, People in Places is a podcast dedicated to helping today’s shopping centers, retail outlets, airports, museums, universities, and other physical locations optimize the experience of their visitors. Each week, we’ll talk to leaders across industries to learn how new tactics, perspectives, and emerging technologies shape the ways physical locations approach the visitor […]