Infographic: 10 Tips for Re-opening Your Business with OccupancyNow™

As many businesses begin to reopen their doors while COVID-19 persists, maintaining a safe environment remains crucial. Fortunately, Skyfii’s OccupancyNow™ toolkit provides the tools you need to keep your customers and staff safe, and comply with local COVID-19 regulations. To help you on your journey towards safely reopening, below are 10 tips for reopening your business with […]

OccupancyNow™: Maintain Safe and COVID-19 Compliant Venues

Skyfii is proud to announce the release of OccupancyNow™ – an automated occupancy and social distancing management toolkit. OccupancyNow™ combines automated counting technology, with real-time monitoring, reporting, and communications tools. The toolkit has been designed to help businesses maintain a safe environment for their customers and staff, and ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations. In the wake of COVID-19, […]