Top 3 Reasons Your Retail Business Should Use LiDAR for Shopper Analytics

LiDAR technology is allowing retailers to capture shopper insights and build shopper profiles with unprecedented speed, accuracy and granularity. Our technology provides brick and mortar retailers with a set of tools similar to what web analytics providers supply to online and e-commerce stores. Motion analytics derived from our LiDAR capabilities can help retailers improve the shopper […]

How Motion Analytics is Transforming the Retail Industry and Customer Experience

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This article was featured in Shopping Centre News CBD Guns issue. A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company outlined five actions retailers should focus on to build more resilience in their customer experience and to emerge even stronger in the pandemic recovery. One of these five actions is to reimagine the physical customer experience in order to […]

Top 6 Ways Guest WiFi Can Take Your Retail Business to the Next Level

Brick-and-mortar retailers are focused on getting customers back in their stores, now more than ever. Last year forced many retailers to adapt and pivot their business in order to stay afloat. However, retailers can be comforted by the fact that consumers still prefer to buy in person (BusinessTech by Hashmicro) after doing their research online. So, how […]

Episode 14: Why Your Brand Needs Small Data

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Your brand needs small data. Without it, you’re probably missing opportunities to gain key insights to inform your marketing decisions. You’re also probably not as customer centric as you’d like to be. On our latest episode of People In Places, Pip Stocks, Founder and CEO at BrandHook, shared her expertise of small data and customer intimacy. Here’s a […]

Episode 13: How Walmart is Bridging The Physical and Digital Divide

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“When you work together as a team, digital and brick-and-mortar, you can increase your value in the market, not only as a strong competitor, but also for the consumers.” In Episode 13 of People in Places, Leticia Espinosa Vera shares lessons from her experience leading digital transformation at, Mexico. You’ll learn how Walmart teams work together to create a […]

Episode 9: How AI is Shaping The Future of Retail

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Building customer profiles through facial recognition, using cameras to predict out-of-stock items, and measure visitor flow – these are just some of the ways AI may shape the future of retail. David Bonthrone is the Chief Revenue Officer of Remark Holdings, the builder of one of the world’s largest data-driven suites of AI solutions. He joins us […]

Episode 5: How Grocery Retailers Are Reacting to An Online World

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As consumers become increasingly comfortable in an online world, what is the future of grocery retail? Rachel Elias Wein, Founder and President of WeinPlus, sees the grocery sector heading towards a model where online and offline storefronts are inexorably linked. A model where inventory, accounting, and customer data across both channels are streamlined, enabling grocery stores […]

Episode 1: Solving Customer Problems Using New Technology

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Technology is not the end all be all, or the one silver bullet for solving your customer’s problems – but it can be a great enabler. This is wisdom Tim Weale and his company Mirvac Retail Solutions live by. As a property group in Australia, they’re out to solve their customer’s problems using technology as an enabler. And […]