Top 3 Reasons Your Retail Business Should Use LiDAR for Shopper Analytics

LiDAR technology is allowing retailers to capture shopper insights and build shopper profiles with unprecedented speed, accuracy and granularity. Our technology provides brick and mortar retailers with a set of tools similar to what web analytics providers supply to online and e-commerce stores. Motion analytics derived from our LiDAR capabilities can help retailers improve the shopper […]

How Motion Analytics is Transforming the Retail Industry and Customer Experience

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This article was featured in Shopping Centre News CBD Guns issue. A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company outlined five actions retailers should focus on to build more resilience in their customer experience and to emerge even stronger in the pandemic recovery. One of these five actions is to reimagine the physical customer experience in order to […]

How Data Helps Retail Property Managers get Smarter with Leasing Decisions

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The retail property landscape is constantly evolving. As disruption occurs, conditions shift, and audience mixes change, it’s important for retail property groups to have the right tools to make the best decisions. Data can help leasing managers solve almost any challenge these retail shifts bring and help aid in retail property business decisions, especially when […]

4 Key Data Trends That are Making Retail Property Smarter

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The biggest trend in the retail property space is the digital disruption enabled by data. The amount of data that retail property managers now have access to is substantial—and it’s growing. The deluge of data can almost be incomprehensible when you consider the volume and variety of data inputs available and the increasing velocity at […]

Episode 12: The 6 Ways Shoppers Judge the Retail Experience

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James Cook is the Americas Director of Research for Retail at JLL, and has been researching retail for almost 20 years. In this episode of People in Places, he shares the 6 dimensions that every retailer needs to consider in-order to maximize the experience for their guests. He breaks down the intuitive, human, meaningful, immersive, accessible, and personalized dimensions, […]

Episode 11: How to Find the Right WiFi Technology Partner

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“Why would a retailer go with a technology partner who can only design the WiFi?” That’s how Mark Brackley, Managing Director at Jade Solutions sees it. His company is dedicated to connecting retailers to their customers through WiFi. In this episode Mark shares some tips retailers can use to find the right WiFi partner, as well as how they […]

Recap: 10 Takeaways, From 10 Thought-Leaders, In 6 Minutes

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We launched People in Places last December to explore how businesses with physical locations are leveraging new technologies, tactics, and perspectives to improve visitor experiences. We’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with thought-leaders across industries to discuss everything from using AI to create personalized visitor experiences, to building a culture and strategy around customer intelligence. Now, that […]

Episode 10: The State of Technology in Commercial Real Estate

Michael Beckerman, Founder and CEO at CREtech has made a career of being on the bleeding edge of what’s new and exciting in commercial real estate. In this episode of People in Places, he shares his tips for how to anticipate the next big thing: Stay close to your comfort zone – “I was looking around for […]