How Data can Help Convert an Airport Passenger into a Retail Customer

Airport retailers are guaranteed a significant amount of foot traffic as thousands of passengers make their way through airport terminals daily. Converting a passenger into a customer may sound simple—but it is not easy. According to Collinson’s Airport Journey research, passengers who enjoy their airport experience spend significantly more at the airport. However, creating an ecosystem […]

Harness Data and Analytics for Your Stadium Crowd Management Solution

As sports and entertainment event schedules fill up, full crowds will return to stadiums. Event venues will need to focus on how to make a strong, efficient, safe, and secure comeback while also following any restrictions and guidelines. In order to accomplish this, stadiums will need to understand how fans move through their venues both […]

Measuring Student Attendance with WiFi Intelligence

Customer Success Story UNIVERSITY | AUSTRALIA A leading Australian university sought a solution that would improve the measurement of student attendance for government auditing, applicable in large lecture theatres where biometric scanning was not feasible. APPROACH Skyfii centralised data from student timetables, student WiFi registration records and WiFi behaviours through mobile device tracking. These datasets […]

Episode 12: The 6 Ways Shoppers Judge the Retail Experience

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James Cook is the Americas Director of Research for Retail at JLL, and has been researching retail for almost 20 years. In this episode of People in Places, he shares the 6 dimensions that every retailer needs to consider in-order to maximize the experience for their guests. He breaks down the intuitive, human, meaningful, immersive, accessible, and personalized dimensions, […]

Episode 11: How to Find the Right WiFi Technology Partner

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“Why would a retailer go with a technology partner who can only design the WiFi?” That’s how Mark Brackley, Managing Director at Jade Solutions sees it. His company is dedicated to connecting retailers to their customers through WiFi. In this episode Mark shares some tips retailers can use to find the right WiFi partner, as well as how they […]

Episode 7: How Location Based Marketing Helps Build Experience-Driven Spaces

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WiFi is no longer a commodity. It’s an asset. When your business offers guest WiFi, you’re covering your space with a powerful communications channel that can be used to better understand your visitors – and ultimately, deliver unique location-based marketing experiences to help drive conversions. Gabriel Bedoya leads consumer insights and strategy at The Insights Co. In this episode he […]

Episode 4: Why Commercial Property Groups Are Moving To A Data-First Mindset

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As the digital transformation of retail continues, commercial property owners are beginning to feel the impact. Max Ryerson, CEO and Digital Strategist at StratForce joins the podcast this week to discuss how this shift is impacting everything from rental premiums to tenant mix, and how by changing their approach to thinking about data, property groups can evolve […]

Episode 3: How Data Can Help Drive Downtown Revitalization

How do you revitalize a declining municipality? Katie Meyer, Executive Director of Renaissance Covington, is on the front lines of this challenge in Covington, Kentucky. Her city’s downtown shares a similar story to many others. An incredible historic infrastructure still stands, albeit empty. Over the years, their downtown has lost a lot of small businesses and […]

Episode 2: Why Wireless Networks Are Key To Your Customer Intelligence Strategy

Wireless networks have evolved from a commodity to a core part of data strategy, and early concerns about speed and security are being replaced with a desire to know what to do with all the data coming in. Özer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP of location services at HPE Aruba, joined the podcast to shed some light on why […]