The WiFi as a service market is predicted to be worth almost $8 billion by 2021

The WiFi as a Service market is predicted to be worth almost $8 billion by 2021 according to a report by MarketsandMarkets – that’s a massive increase from $1.57 billion in 2016.

Industries such as retail, travel, sports and local government are seeing the value in WiFi analytics to help them understand their customers on a whole new level.

The new buyer’s decision-making journey is no longer filled with loud ‘push’ advertising and language that over-promises on goods and services. Customers have evolved and now crave a personalised relationship with the businesses that provide these experiences. Modern guest WiFi, analytics and marketing tools can help to achieve this.

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The data from opted-in WiFi users can be harnessed to get a clearer picture of what customers want and how they want it delivered. This process allows businesses to offer bespoke and targeted offers, and proximity marketing promotions to customers. Location data, for example, can also be used to identify peak and dwell times and help management to allocate resources more effectively.

Skyfii has established a firm footing in this industry, and our business has expanded considerably in the past year in all the regions we operate in, which includes Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe and North America.

After launching in North America earlier this year, we recently announced our first customer in the region. Along with Aruba Networks, part of HPE, and local telecoms specialist Cincinnati Bell (CBTS), we’re part of an initiative called Light Up Cincinnati, which aims to connect residents, visitors, and businesses through technology. Essentially, it means we’re providing free guest WiFi access to the city’s millions of visitors and residents and giving businesses new ways of connecting with them.

We’ve established partnerships to accelerate our global expansion. Just this year, we were appointed as an ecosystem partner to Aruba, supporting its Mobile First Platform to help businesses analyse and visualise customer behaviour data.

Based on that success and the great potential of the WiFi as a Service market, we sought new funding to finance our ongoing international expansion. The fundraising was completed successfully this week and I am pleased to say we raised $4.1 million from new and existing investors.

I’d like to thank our shareholders for their confidence in Skyfii’s business, strategy and the continued development of our platform.

The ongoing support we’ve received from our experienced shareholders, along with the strong interest from new investors, bolsters the belief we have in our business and its future the world over.

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