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Get the Leading Captive Portal & Guest WiFi Software for Your Business or Organization

Skyfii offers businesses, organizations, and cities a highly reliable and scalable platform for managing Captive Portal and Guest WiFi. We offer global service.

Deliver an Amazing Captive Portal Experience

Skyfii’s captive portal solution has been proven in major airports, shopping centers, retailers, universities, and other large venues around the globe.

It’s packed with features marketing and operations teams will love, while ensuring seamless integration with your existing WiFi infrastructure.

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A Captive Portal Solution that Scales With Your Business

Keep the captive portal experience easy to manage as your network evolves.

Scalable from a single WiFi access point to thousands.
Monitor network utilization and access historical reports from any computer.
Remotely manage guest WiFi at the location and portfolio level.

Deliver Personalized Content

Easily customize captive portals to deliver unique and highly-targeted experiences to your visitors.

Deliver video, surveys, coupons, and landing pages.
Tailor content by profile, location, date, and time.
Use our drag-and-drop tool or fine tune with HTML/CSS.
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Enrich Your Customer Database

Seamlessly update your CRM with data from captive portals.

Login through social media, email, phone, or custom fields.
Sync customer data with your CRM, loyalty programs, and marketing lists.
Progressively profile visitors by capturing new data on each return visit.

Skyfii’s Technology Partners

Skyfii integrates seamlessly with WiFi hardware from the following manufacturers:

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Partners cisco blue
Partners meraki
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ruckus arris

Key Benefits of Skyfii’s Guest WiFi Captive Portals

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A better visitor experience. Delight visitors with a guest WiFi experience that looks good on any device and matches your brand identity.

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Higher conversion rates on marketing campaigns. Deliver campaigns that convert by sending the right message at the right time.

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Richer customer profiles. By capturing new data from visitors on subsequent visits, gain a better understanding of who visitors are and what they care about.

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Less hassle. Because you can easily make the changes you need from anywhere, you have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

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Worry free. Never lose sleep over poor load times, incorrectly rendered pages, or network access.

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