Measure, Predict, and Influence Customer Behavior Both Offline and Online

Skyfii helps shopping centers, retailers, airports, universities, smart cities, and hospitality businesses understand and improve the customer experience.

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Insights Your Business Needs To Thrive

It’s hard to make good decisions about the customer experience if you have limited data to work with.

We built Skyfii to change that.

Whether you’ve just begun your customer intelligence journey or if you’re ready for an enterprise-grade solution, Skyfii is the best choice for rapidly turning raw data from the physical and digital world into actionable information.

Skyfii IO Software Platform

Skyfii IO is a suite of customer analytics and communications tools that’s built specifically for the needs of businesses with physical venues.

Skyfii Guest WiFi

Scale and customize the guest Wi-Fi user experience across multiple locations. Learn more.

Consolidate data from WiFi, people counters, and other sources in a single view. Learn more.

Skyfii IO Insight

Analyze the customer experience across the digital and physical world. Learn more.

Skyfii IO Engage

Deliver content over multiple channels based on visitor profile and behavior. Learn more.

Skyfii IO on phone and computer

Skyfii Data and Marketing Services

Skyfii’s data scientists, strategists, and marketing specialists provide expertise that helps you quickly get more value from your data.


Expedite the digital transformation of your venues.


Identify and solve complex challenges with your data.


Plan, execute, track, and optimize every campaign.


Automate and integrate Skyfii IO to match your exact needs.

Trusted in High-Demand Environments

Every month, we analyze over one billion data points from over 4,000 venues.

Whether our customers are building visitor profiles, measuring shopper sentiment, or making better infrastructure decisions, Skyfii consistently delivers real value.

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Skyfii Resources

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