Blix Traffic – Visitor Counting Sensors and Analytics Software for Retail Stores and Automobile Showrooms

Blix Traffic is an affordable and reliable visitor “walk in” traffic counting sensor and customer analytics solution. It helps retail stores and automobile showrooms accurately measure walk-in visitor traffic, optimize wage costs, identify missed sales opportunities, and increase sales conversion rates.

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Skyfii has acquired Blix, read more here.

Customer Analytics to Grow Your Retail Business

Grow your retail business with detailed customer traffic insights, delivered through an affordable and easy-to-manage solution for small-to-medium sized venues.

Blix Traffic sensors, powered by AI counting technology, provide highly-accurate customer traffic analytics to help you optimize in-store conversion, staffing, and customer experiences.

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Get Setup in Minutes

Blix Traffic sensors install in minutes. Simply plug into any standard electrical outlet, and start collecting accurate customer traffic data. No IT required.

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Unmatched Foot Traffic Accuracy 

Proprietary, AI-powered CountSmart® technology provides reliable, industry-leading accuracy in traffic analytics for small-to-medium sized venues.

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Reports that Power Your Business

Optimize store performance with easy to use reports on customer foot traffic, conversion rates, staff optimization, and campaign performance.

Now Part of Skyfii’s Leading AI Technology Suite for Physical Spaces

Blix’s leading customer analytics solutions are now part of the world’s most comprehensive suite of intelligent software and services.  

Skyfii’s industry-leading solutions have helped many of the world’s most recognizable brands and locations create better experiences for the millions of people that visit them. Now, with the acquisition of Blix, we’re bringing that expertise to your small-to-medium sized venue, in a packaged tailored to meet the needs of your business.

With Blix and Skyfii, sophisticated customer analytics meet powerful data integrations to help you better understand store performance, and what’s impacting it.

Skyfii + Blix Integrations:

  • Point of Sale
  • Weather
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Advertising and Marketing Data

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